Foxtrot Logistics

About us

In the current freight market at Foxtrot Logistics we provide competitive and flexible logistic solutions that your foreign trade business needs. Based on confidence, professionalism and customer relations, our team stands out for the knowledge of the business and for the reliability that we can give to our customers.

Foxtrot Logistics is an American company located in Miami, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina that grows exponentially, whose foundations are personalized customer service, compliance and rapid response to our users.

We are interested in a long-term business where the customer sees the value of our service, that’s why you can count on us to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and intact. We’ll always transmit the best possible alternative and the real situation of the cargo in each instanceof the trip.

We believe that the distribution chain must be in hands of a reliable company that handles the loads as if they were their own, protecting them throughout the logistics process and strictly respecting delivery times and methods. For that reason we search for the most adequate solution based on the experience of previous situations or through the study and analysis of new problems.